Government Websites

Do you currently have a government website that is text heavy, with an outdated design and is difficult to update?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place. Mobile friendly, aesthetically pleasing websites are not trendy — they are a necessity, especially for government and municipality websites. Your community needs an eGovernment website that offers fast, accurate information with stunning visuals and responds well to any device.

Your staff needs a website that does not require a developer to make every change. We customize the WordPress CMS to offer an easy way to add, edit and delete content. Your meeting minuets, calendar events and blog posts will be online faster than before.

How we help

Practically anyone can build a website. You need a knowledgeable and dependable vendor that responds quickly. Listed below are the ways we can help.

Our website servers are hosted with a company in California and include 24/7 dedicated support, unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth. Every site is hosted on a Solid State Drive (SSD) hard drive that can be up to 20 times faster than regular — older — hard drives that other companies may use.

We conduct an all-inclusive screen sharing walk through before the website launch. Our on-boarding process covers every section in the admin and public side of your new website. We also email you documentation to refer to.

We noticed that many outdated government websites use third party services as solutions to solving problems with basic features. We include those functions in the CMS so you do not need to log into another service to update calendar and agenda sections.

The features we’ve integrated are:

  • Calendar Events
  • Meeting Minutes / Agenda
  • Photo Galleries
  • Staff or Business Directories

The content editor works like a Word document. You can add your content with little or no HTML experience.

We provide at least one admin account for your website. The admin account has complete access to the back-end and can update all plugins and WordPress core files as needed.

For added convenience, we provide a weekly service to maintain your plugins, core files and check for malicious activity. Just let us know if this is something you’d like to discuss.

We will add existing or newly submitted content to your website during the development stage.

We configure weekly database and WordPress theme backups with a third party service. All admin accounts have the ability to create backups as needed via the CMS admin section.

In addition to the weekly backups, if you’re hosting your website with Neur, our data center will backup your entire server every 48 hours.

We’re ready to start work on your project. take the next step & receive a free quote.